PhD. Eng. Marcelo Forets Researcher in Applied Mathematics


Papers which have been submitted to a reviewing committee.

Hybrid Systems and Formal Verification

  1. Reach Set Approximation through Decomposition with Low-dimensional Sets and High-dimensional Matrices
    Sergiy Bogomolov, M. F., Goran Frehse, Andreas Podelski, Christian Schilling, Frédéric Viry.
    2017, submitted.
    Keywords: reachability analysis, safety verification, linear time-invariant systems, set recurrence relation

  2. Occupation measure methods for modelling and analysis of biological hybrid automata.
    Thao Dang, Eric Fanchon, M. F., Victor Magron, Alexandre Rocca.
    2017, submitted. [arXiv - cs.SY].
    Keywords: biological modelling, hybrid dynamical system, optimal control problem, semidefinite optimization, occupation measures.

Numerical Analysis and Systems Control

  1. Explicit Error Bounds for Carleman Linearization.
    M. F., Amaury Pouly.
    2017, submitted. [arXiv - math.NA].
    See also: carlin package for SageMath.
    Keywords: carleman linearization, polynomial ODEs, infinite-dimensional systems, guaranteed integration, nonlinear control theory.