PhD. Eng. Marcelo Forets Researcher in Applied Mathematics


Papers which have been submitted to a reviewing committee.

Hybrid Systems and Formal Verification

  1. Reach Set Approximation through Decomposition with Low-dimensional Sets and High-dimensional Matrices
    Sergiy Bogomolov, M. F., Goran Frehse, Andreas Podelski, Christian Schilling, Frédéric Viry.
    2017, submitted. Keywords: reachability analysis, safety verification, linear time-invariant systems, set recurrence relation

Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Optimization

  1. Occupation measure methods for modelling and analysis of biological hybrid automata.
    Thao Dang, Eric Fanchon, M. F., Victor Magron, Alexandre Rocca.
    2017, submitted. [arXiv - cs-SY]. Keywords: biological modelling, hybrid dynamical system, optimal control problem, semidefinite optimization, occupation measures.